Advanced Coach Training with Shahmeen Sadiq

Open Doors, Build Bridges and Expand Your Business! 

You’ve got everything you need to create a thriving business: certifications, instruments, a passion for human development…so let’s get to work and make it happen! We’re throwing open the doors to Anjali Leadership to share the secrets of our success so you can capitalize on a powerful approach that has helped us serve hundreds of clients since 2005.

Are you ready to:

-       Grow and expand your coaching or consulting business?

-       Transform yourself into a model for the leadership you want to cultivate in others?

-       Serve your clients so much more deeply, sustainably and effectively that repeat business and new referrals flow in effortlessly?

If your answer to any of these is a wholehearted YES, then you must join us in Toronto for this 3-day advanced training workshop designed specifically for experienced coaches. 

This program will be taught by Shahmeen Sadiq, Founder and CEO of Anjali Leadership. Shahmeen is a Professional Certified Coach who is passionate about serving the expansion of conscious leadership and human resilience for our collective best future. She has been certifying, teaching and mentoring coaches in the use of The Leadership CircleTM instruments since 2008. An award-winning coach and respected leader in her professional communities, she is known for bringing immense heart, spirit and acceptance of the tender experience of being human into her trainings and her work.

Advanced Coach Training with Shahmeen Sadiq

This practical and experiential training is limited to 6 participants for maximum attention and learning. Through a powerful process that extends over 3 days, you will:

-       Deepen your understanding of the most powerful frameworks that Shahmeen uses to guide and hold the journey of leadership development

-       Gain insight into the engine that powers our work at Anjali Leadership and begin creating a robust foundation for your own development and that of your clients

-       Practice the co-creative meaning-making process that successful coaches use to evoke sustainable shifts for clients

-       Increase your self-awareness and leadership as a coach, consultant and business owner

-       Cement your knowledge of the pathways to optimal leadership and begin to integrate these pathways into your own development

-       Cultivate your unique, authentic presence and leverage this to enroll more clients, and work more effectively with your existing ones

-       Learn to develop strong, lasting and profitable relationships with clients

There will be lots of time to practice working with others through the 3 days, with plentiful mentoring and feedback from Shahmeen along the way. Gain a fresh perspective as you take a deeper dive into the ingredients that comprise a proven recipe for purposeful service, client success and exponential business growth! 


May 30-June 1, 2018 held in Toronto at Anjali Leadership's office (near Warden and Eglinton)

$1,495.00 CAD