Deeper Conversations Retreat with Shahmeen Sadiq

Powerfully propel yourself into the next chapter of your life and leadership when you join us for our Deeper Conversations Retreat on January 3-5, 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

This Power Circle retreat will be facilitated by Shahmeen Sadiq, Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach and Mentor to Human Development Professionals. All are welcome!

We will gather in Toronto with the intention to pause, gain clarity and get ready for your next chapter. If you are a coach, you will be granted 12 ICF Resource CEU's after attending. 

Over these three days, you will:

- uncover a sharpened sense of clarity about the vision, goals or objectives of your next chapter

- discover and change limiting patterns or dynamics that stand between you and your vision

- prepare to walk boldly forward into the next steps that will lead you to a year of purposefulness, action and satisfaction; doing so with more ease, grace and effectiveness

Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  In that spirit, we believe that in order to more powerfully do the work we are passionate about “out there”, we must be in an ongoing process of development “in here”.

In Deeper Conversations, we do this by engaging in fiercely loving and courageous work designed to help you:

·      Strengthen your ability to remain centered when things get tough

·      Build tolerance to stay the course through discomfort, fear and complexity

·      Free yourself from limiting mindsets that keep you stuck in old patterns

·      Add intuition and insight to logic and reason for added effectiveness

·      Cultivate a more powerful personal presence

All for the sake of becoming more powerful creators, more effective in your professions, and more deeply satisfied as whole and complete human beings.


Deeper Conversations Retreat: January 3-5, 2018 in Toronto

If you yearn to press "pause" so that you can regroup, find solid ground under your feet, and forge the best way forward for your life and leadership, read on.

Cultivate a deeper level of awareness and connection at our Deeper Conversations Retreat in Toronto. For 3 days, we will create space to look inside, identifying limiting patterns that you're tired of repeating, then clearing them so you can propel yourself powerfully towards your desired future, overcoming obstacles with more ease and grace along the way.

Empowered with this new awareness you will leave ready to engage others - at work, at home and perhaps within communities to which you belong - in a more productive conversation about what matters, and why, which may lead to surprising insights and new possibilities to build your collective future upon.

Join us in Toronto on January 3-5, 2018!

For more information about this retreat, please email Shahmeen Sadiq at:

Looking forward to being with you!


$1,850.00 CAD